Chesapeake Trade-In Poker and Tick Tak Doe Poker

There are lots of poker games available in online casinos. ’Chesapeake Trade-In’ is a game of 2-7 players, where each one of them strives to make the best five card stud poker hand out of the final six cards. Initially, each player deals with three cards with their faces down, and one card faced up. Thereafter, the first round of betting occurs. Consequently, five “Trade-In” cards are dealt with their faces down across the table.

In Trade-In, each player begins with the short stack at the table and continues doing so clockwise. Thereafter, he exchanges one of his faced down cards for one of the faced down cards on the table, without looking at the new card. This may even strengthen or weaken each player’s hand. Once all the five ‘trade-in’ cards are dealt with, a second round of betting occurs. Each player deals with one additional card having its face up, followed with a final sixth card with its face down. Subsequently, a final round of betting occurs in accordance with the new cards.


Tick Tak Doe is a variant of 7-card stud online poker game. Each player starts dealing with four cards. In total, three rows are constituted with three cards in each row, making it a total of nine cards, which are then dealt with their faces down in the middle, categorized as ‘community cards’. Each player is permitted to use only 3 community cards amongst those. The cards used must be straight across, up and down, or diagonal like tick tak toe. Once each community card is turned over, another round of betting occurs.