Using a Texas Holdem Odds Calculator
Texas Calculatem and Fold Depth Analysis

Good online Texas hold’em players are always looking for an edge in their games. Since they are playing on a computer, this edge often comes in the form of new technology or software.

One of the most useful types of new software for improving your online Texas hold’em game is an online Texas hold’em odds calculator like Texas Calculatem.

What is Useful about Texas Hold’em Odds Calculators?

Traditional Texas hold’em odds calculators help players make online decisions by instantly calculating important statistics, such as your outs to make a particular hand and your likelihood of winning based on your cards and the cards on the board.

Since hold’em is a game of decisions, knowing your poker odds before deciding when to bluff, raise, call or fold can give you a big edge.

What is Special About Texas Calculatem Odds Software?

Texas Calculatem is a poker software program with a number of features designed to give you the most accurate odds breakdown possible. One of their more revolutionary features is the inclusion of a fold depth analysis algorithm.

What is Fold Depth Analysis?

Fold depth analysis is a program function in which the software assesses which players folded and when in the hand they folded. Based on this information, the software calculates what cards those players were likely to have held and which cards were highly unlikely to have been in their hands.

Based on this information, the software can more accurately determine what opponents who are still in the hand are likely to have. This information can be invaluable.

If you haven’t tried Texas hold’em odds calculating software yet, you really should give it a shot. You can get a free trial program and check it out before buying. With the edge you get, the software just might pay for itself.