Skill Game Psychology

Those who win games are close to God. This is obvious because, in all we do, the strongest are the best. God is the best strength I know of.

Are you aware that winning at skill games is the same as winning at everything else in life? Those who follow Jesus and know that he came to earth to save us from our sins do well at games. Those who don't know who Jesus is will go to hell.

To be the best at a skill game, one must be strong and practice playing the game with the mind set of being the best right now.

What skill games? Listen, I say to win at puzzles, backgammon, poker and chess, find Jesus and he will show you the way to improve your skills and strength. He will show you that once you have mastered the game, you will want to be more productive in other people's lives. The greatest feeling we can have as humans. Serving others is as good as our psychological views get. With this in mind, help others to win at games and your spirit will take you to new heights. You'll set new high scores on games because you will have peace-of-mind.

What does Practicing mean? I'll tell you! It is playing the game for fun right now and finding new ways to score higher. It is committing your mind to set the world's highest score right now. This means you must care about reaching your goal of being world's best.

When we talk psychology, there tends to be a turn off, I understand this. This is becuase, as humans we talk about things based on our experiences and beliefs. Liking psychological talk, however, occurs when we talk about God in a way that gives him praise. Psych-this-and-that does not really work to influence people, I know this from experience. But in writing this skill game article, I just want to say that maybe there are some phych majors who like this kind of stuff.

I follow Jesus Christ our Savior and like to read bible stuff. This is what I do. I also know that holders of world records are close to Jesus. Need I say more regarding how to win in all you do? Seek and you will find!

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