Online Backgammon Money Play

One of the merits of online backgammon is the ability to play for real money. You may have read about online Texas Holdem and wished that real-money backgammon was available as well. Well, it is. Most major online backgammon sites support both fun and real money games. These real money games provide an added challenge since these is more on the line than just pride. If you are playing online backgammon for money, there are two types of competitions you may face.

Online Backgammon Money Play

The most basic way to wager on backgammon is simple money play. In this version, each point is worth a given amount. For example, you may play for $5 a point – in poker terms, this is the game’s blinds. If the game proceeds as normal and no one is gammoned or backgammoned, the winner receives $5. However, the player who is ahead may choose to double. If the other player accepts, the game is now for two points, or $10. If the other player then redoubles, the game may be played for four points, or $20, etc.

Online Backgammon Match Play

Another way to play is for the match to be for a certain amount of points, with the winner receiving the entire prize pool. For example, you might play a 12 point match for $100. A player might win this by winning 12 games, or by winning three games that have been redoubled to four points each, or by winning six games conventionally and three by gammon, or any other combination that adds up to 12. Regardless of the final point tally, the player with 12 collects the entire $100.

Match Play vs. Money Play

There are some strategic differences between match play and money play. For example, if you estimate a 50 percent chance of winning a game and are doubled, you should accept in a money game. However, if you are playing a match to 12 and are losing 10-7, you may be better off dropping rather than risk being eliminated from the match.