Backgammon tips and rules
The game of Backgammon is world-wide known and played by many people, wherever they would be, as it requires only a backgammon board, checkers and dices; of course, two players. It has become popular many centuries ago and it’s still one of the favorites. Backgammon offers great excitement and a wonderful opportunity to put into practice your own skills, way of thinking and what’s more: you benefit of the most appropriate entertainment. But this is not all. This game also requires luck in the same time. Let’s just put aside this for a while.

What do players really need when playing backgammon? Among the necessities which were just mentioned, one needs to have some knowledge of backgammon, which consist of the main rules and at least the basic strategy of it.

First of all, keep in mind that you need to calculate every move you make in detail, and try to apply your new gained skills. You can be sure that no-one has become an experienced player in just one single day, so all it takes is some studying of some essential tips in order to improve your knowledge in this field. Also, take into consideration that this requires sacrifices, patience and some time so that you will be able to take control over the game and get used to it.

Let’s talk about its basic rules now and analyze them.

So, the game of Backgammon is played by two people, on a board which is formed of 24 triangles called “points”. These triangles are divided into four quadrants consisting of six triangles each. On the two sides of the board, each one of the players has a home- and outer board. Besides these, each player has a pair of dice with a dice cup, which is used for shaking dices. Then, a ‘doubling cube’ that is useful for keeping track of the game, it has six numbers on each side of it, including: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64. Your objective in this game is to have all of your checkers on your home board and then drag them away.

When moving a checker, you are allowed to move it forward only to a point which has lower value. The place where it is moved, needs to be an ‘open point’, this means that it cannot be occupied by two or more checkers of your opponent. This point is called a ‘blot’. If it happens that one of your opponent’s checkers moves on a blot; then the blot is ‘hit’ and that specific checker will be placed on the bar. The bar is the line on the centre of the board which separates the home board of the outer one.

In addition, when a player has checkers placed on the bar, he automatically has to ‘enter’ them into the opponent’s home board. When a player has placed every single of his checkers (fifteen) on his home board, he can start ‘bearing off’. But, this is not necessary; it is up to him whether he bears off or makes another move if it is possible. Dice games and card games have a lot of similar concepts and strategies. Gammon lovers will quickly learn how to play Texas Holdem online!

This is why we give you the possibility to benefit of certain tips in the easiest way which helps you in becoming a professional player. All you need to do is to pay a great attention to these tips which we try to explain to you and you are guaranteed to be ready for starting a Backgammon game.

If it happens to you that you are behind in a race, try not to abandon your chances of making an anchor or a holding point, as this could be your chance of winning or to advance. Also, when being in this situation, it’s advisable for you to build the points on your home board in order. Furthermore, when you are in a doubt and you are not sure what’s more advantageous, just try hitting.

Another important tip is to try reaching and holding the equality from the very beginning of the game; do your best in order to obtain five and four points on both sides of the backgammon board. The fact which should be also mentioned is that when you are given the opportunity to select from hitting one of your opponent’s checkers or making a point on your home board, a good piece of advice is to hit in this case.

Don’t forget that the essence of these rules and tips is to simplify your Backgammon game, to improve your skills and abilities related to this board game and to make you understand that you never know what kind of new experience is offered for you. By providing you the right piece of information you will be able to make your way to a progressive way of playing. This is your chance, so take advantage of it.