Backgammon Strategy
When one starts playing at Backgammon, he needs to have in his thoughts the basic rules and take into account the fact that this game requires some specific skills and luck has a great role in it as well. Above these, this game is a risky one in the same time, and a good player must know when the right time for taking it is. Having in mind that you have the right knowledge and skills for handling Backgammon, you have to accept, as every single player, that we all loose sometimes; but in this game the main principle is to loose as little as possible and to win exceptionally great amount.

Backgammon is a game which is played by two people, formed of four quadrants, out of which there are two outer and two inner sides. Every board has six remittent white and black “pips”. Each of the players has fifteen black or white checkers, and a pair of dice. Some specialists have dealt with the basic moves in what Backgammon consists of and in order to benefit of an appropriate play round, it is better if you take advantage of these advices.

It’s not just about following other people’s piece of advice, but it is for your sake to have the best possibilities for winning and knocking your opponent off his perch. It’s not that complicated: there are some moves which you will keep in mind and if you use your logic you will surely understand them very easily. In addition, you have to get to a point and level where you can manipulate your opponent to some degree, this can happen when doubling cube. So, if you want to increase your odds at Backgammon, you should apply the experts’ suggestions. It might surprize you, that even when playing keno there is at least one keno strategy to increase your chances of winning.

The Backgammon’s opening moves are vital, as many times your game depends on them and they show you over till the end of one session.
There are specific Dices outcomes such as 3-1, 6-1, 4-2 and 6-5.

Let’s give you some examples so that you can make the connection easier.
For instance, with your 3-1 move you make your 5 point. This achievement is beneficial for you not only because it is proven that the 5 point is the most valuable limit, but you will also avoid getting hit by your opponent. With 6-1 you make the bar point, which is 7 point, and this is another important point after the 5.
With 4-2 you get your 4 point and with 6-5 you just run a back checker as it is the most appropriate move.

Another thing which should be mentioned is that you should try to divide your pieces in an equal way on the table.
Above these, there are six types of winning strategies, consisting of:
  • Building one’s Board Strategy

  • Combination Strategy

  • Bold Play Strategy

  • Escaping Strategy

  • Back Game Strategy

  • Safe Play Strategy

The first winning strategy’s basic idea is to concentrate on making more points on the home board. This has some advantages: for instance the opponent’s escape will be harder for him. The second one, the Combination Strategy requires focusing on your opponent’s blots in the same time, while you try building your board. The Bold Play Strategy is which makes you take the risk and expose your blots, in order to form favorable positions for yourself or to manipulate the opponent for hitting.

Escaping Strategy – it’s about doing your best to escape from your opponent’s home board, in case two of your checkers are on his home board. In this situation it is advisable for you to get your checkers back to your board, as meanwhile your opponent is building his board. There are two rolls which allow you to proceed this way: the 6-5 or 6-6.

The penultimate winning strategy is which helps you forcing your opponent to expose his checkers to hitting; this can be done if you form several anchors in his home board. The last one, the Safe Play Strategy is based on leaving only some blots, making as many points as possible and anticipating the hitting from your opponent.

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All in all, the first thing which you should do is to detect your opponent’s moves and backgammon strategy, so that you can apply the opposite strategy to his.

By using one of these strategies you are guaranteed to win, and of course don’t forget that your logical thinking plays a very important role in all these. Good luck!
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